A Company Founded On Culture

The Vertix Code

Vertix Builders is a culture-focused company, stressing the importance of people and relationships over corporate structure and process. It is our goal to bring service back to construction and make the process fun. Yes, we still need contracts in today’s business environment, but we expect to be held to our word and believe that a handshake is every bit as important as the contract that each party signs. We stress efficiency and effectiveness in our teams, and always focus on becoming the best possible builders. At Vertix, our people and positions are intended to serve the project, not the company, to create impactful projects that serve our community.

  1. I will be the best builder I can be
  2. I will be a team player both internally and externally
  3. I will be curious and seek improvement in everything I do
  4. I will be direct while letting others save face
  5. I will gather the facts, then react
  6. I will come to work to make an impact
  7. I will have the courage to say what I think even though it may be unpopular
  8. I will seek what is best for the project and for Vertix
  9. I will be flexible and wear multiple hats when needed
  10. I will have fun

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